In the Shrih Designs LLP Hosting Services Web Site Control Panel you’ll discover a simple to operate Site Builder tool, that you can use to make your new website. Shrih Designs LLP Hosting Services’s Website Builder provides more than 100 exclusive site templates, available in diverse color patterns, that you could customize to your preference. To make a different website, you don’t have to comprehend HTML, PHP, CSS or any other back–end language. All that you should understand is how to work with the easy–to–use manager in the Web–site Builder. You can use it to quickly set up brand–new webpages, change their contents, add brand–new elements to your site plus much more.

A simple–to–operate Website Builder

No programming knowledge is necessary

If you use a tool to create your website, it’s important that the application is easy to work with. That is why, we integrated the Web–site Builder straight into our Web Site Control Panel. it is really simple–to–use and lets you build your website with simply a click of the mouse.

You could configure pages, control their elements and add different elements with a simple–to–operate manager. If you have employed a CMS, a web application or simply a text editing application, you will already understand how to make use of the Site Builder.

Easy-to-use Site Builder

A wide range of Site Templates

More than 1 hundred website templates to download with a mouse click

With the Website Builder tool, you’ll have access to Shrih Designs LLP Hosting Services’s selection of more than 100 free–of–cost design templates. Each layout theme can be found in 2 different styles and supports various coloring combinations. The templates are designed to address all typical sorts of sites – private websites, online shop, enterprise site, etcetera.

In case you lose interest in your current design theme or locate a better one, you could replace it in seconds. All of the brand–new webpages and adjustments you’ve made will be preserved.

Multiple Website Templates

How–to Video Courses

See how quick it really is to build a website

The Website Builder includes an assortment of educational videos that can lead you from the moment of starting up the tool, to changing your web pages. The video tutorials are set up depending on the typically asked questions on our Web–site Builder as a way to go over what users really want to be aware of.

If you require additional assistance, you may as well examine Shrih Designs LLP Hosting Services’s detailed courses or communicate with our 24x7 support staff.

Video Tutorials